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Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Peabody High School and be in compliance with the State of Tennessee's graduation requirements, a student must successfully complete the following 22 required credits:

4 English credits: English I, English II, English III, English IV
4 Math credits: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and a 4th higher level math course
3 Science credits: Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and a 3rd lab course
3 Social Studies credits: World History, US Government, US History
3 Focus Elective credits (see information below)
2 Foreign Language credits: Spanish I and Spanish II
1.5 Physical Education and Wellness credits (.5 credit of PE may be satisfied through athletic or band participation)
1 Fine Arts credit (Art I, II, III, General Music, Art History, or band)
.5 Personal Finance credit
.5 Economics credit

Grade classification for students is as follows:
9th Grade: less than 5 credits
10th Grade: 5 credits AND pass English 9
11th Grade: 11 credits AND pass English 10
12th Grade: 16 credits AND pass English 11

Additionally, beginning with the Class of 2018, students planning to graduate with a regular diploma are required to take the ACT or SAT.

Please contact your child's school counselor with questions regarding graduation progress.