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Golden TidePeabody Golden Tide Baseball

Region 7A, District 14

Teams: Peabody, Gibson Co., Halls, Humboldt, Madison Academic, Middleton

Head Coach: Jake Ramsey

Assistant: Derek HInson, Donny Joyner

2020 Roster


Cooper Baugus

3-Cooper Baugus

Colton Cloyd

24-Colton Cloyd

Bryce Franks

10-Bryce Franks

Noah Halbrook

7-Noah Halbrook

Eli Hammonds

1-Eli Hammonds

Ja'leon Motley

4-Ja’leon Motley

Baseball Baseball Helmet

Triston Cook

2-Triston Cook

Jadarren Easley

21-Jadarren Easley

Allen Jones

5-Allen Jones

Christian Poore

16-Christian Poore

Keelan Renfroe

29-Keelan Renfroe

Daylan Russell

9-Daylan Russell

Carson Vandiver

14-Carson Vandiver


Eli Girard

22-Eli Girard

Trey Hensley

6-Trey Hensley



23-Orlandis Ivory

Jordan Shepherd

15-Jordan Shepherd


London Burkett

13-London Burkett

Isaac DeHaan

28-Isaac DeHaan

Sam Driggers

17-Sam Driggers

Sid Hammonds

20-Sid Hammonds

Gunner Haney

12-Gunner Haney

Owen Lee

11-Owen Lee

Jett McAlister

26-Jett McAlister

Will Raines

19-Will Raines

Ethan Ray

27-Ethan Ray

Riley Vandiver

18-Riley Vandiver

Garrett Webber

8-Garrett Webber

David Whitten

25-David Whitten


Jake Ramsey

Jake Ramsey

Head Coach

Fighting Tideman

Derek Hinson

Derek Hinson

Assistant Coach


Notes: All game times and any other pertinent information will populate in the calendar on the left hand side of the page

An asterisk (*) ‚Äč= District Game

2020 Baseball Schedule
Date Time Opponent V Result V Record JV Result JV Record
Feb 22 12:00 (JV & V) Ripley W N/A L N/A
Feb 29 11:00 (JV & V) at Brighton L N/A W N/A
March 5 4:30 (JV & V) Haywood T N/A N/A N/A
March 6 4:30  (V only) Huntingdon W N/A N/A N/A
Regular Season
Date Time Opponent V Result V Record JV Result JV Record
March 10 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Sacred Heart L 0-1 - -
March 11 V only-7:00 Millington, at Ripley (V only) W 1-1 - -
March 13 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Lake County L 1-2 W 1-0
March 16 V only-5:00 South Fulton - -    
March 19 V-6:30 Ripley, at Union City        
March 20 JV-4:30 V-6:15 at Union City        
March 21 V-12 JV-2:00 at Obion County        
Tournament: L.H. Ladd Invitational in Union City- March 19-22
Date Time Opponent V Result V Record JV Result JV Record
March 18 V-5:00 Westview (at Westview)     - -
March 19 V-6:30 Ripley (at Elam Stadium)     - -
March 20 JV-4:30 V-6:00 at Union City     - -
Regular Season
Date Time Opponent V Result V Record JV Result JV Record
March 23 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Madison*        
March 24 JV-4:00 V-6:00 at Madison*        
March 26 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Dyersburg        
March 27 JV-4:30 V-6:30 at South Gibson        
March 30 JV-4:30 V-6:30 Middleton*        
March 31 JV-4:30 V-6:30 at Middleton*        
April 1 JV only-4:30 at Dyersburg - -    
April 2 JV-4:30 V-6:30 Crockett County        
April 3 JV-4:30 V-6:30 at Lake County        
April 6 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Halls*        
April 7 JV-4:00 V-6:00 at Halls*        
April 8 JV-4:30 V-6:30 Obion County        
April 10 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Bradford        
Date Time Opponent V Result V Record JV Result JV Record
April 11 V only-12:00 at McKenzie     - -
April 11 JV only-12:00 at Bradford (DH) - -    
April 13 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Humboldt*        
April 14 JV-4:00 V-6:00 at Humboldt*        
April 15 JV-4:30 V-6:30 Union City        
April 16 JV-4:30 V-6:30 at Crockett County        
April 20 JV-4:00 V-6:00 at Gibson County*        
April 21 JV-4:00 V-6:00 Gibson County*        
April 23 V only-6:00 Dyersburg; at USA in Millington     - -
April 24 JV-4:30 V-6:30 at Obion County        
April 27 JV-4:00 V-6:00 at Westview        
District 14A Tournament: at Gibson County High School
Date Time Opponent V Result V Record JV Result JV Result
April 29   TBD        
April 30   TBD        
May 1   TBD        
May 2   TBD        
May 3   TBD        

Baseball Monday's

The Baseball Tidemen will wear ties on Monday’s during the season.

Baseball Baseball

Facility Improvements

Thanks to Jeremy Cloyd for upgrading our home dugout cubbies for the starting 9 plus catcher.

Baseball cubbies for starters


Home dugout upgrades for 2020 include fresh stain on the bench, addtion of player cubbies, and a floating shelf for the coaches.

  Dugout Improvements for 2020


Facelift for the storage shedStorage shed redo



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